Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lucetta Austin Rose

English Rose

Rosa 'Lucetta'


Synonyms: AUSemi, Austin Rose

It seems like it has been awhile since we had a rose photo here. The roses did pretty well despite the weather last season. It was difficult trying to keep them looking fresh with all the rain. The tropical storm in August really did some damage to the flowers and foliage but the plants themselves seem to snapback pretty good.

In the big rose garden we have been adding more and more Austin type English roses. 'Lucetta' has been a bit of a star in that department. My only complaint is the flowers fade to almost white after coming out with a little pink/apricot color. There seems to be either some misnaming going on or the flower color is a little variable.

The disease resistance and the habit of this rose are stellar (like most Austin roses). It was introduced in 1983 and can get quite large if left to its own devices Up to 10 feet tall but we maintain ours at about half that height.

Here are some particulars on 'Lucetta':

Type: Shrub. English Rose

Color: Blush pink fading to almost white

Fragrance: Mild

Petal Count: 9-16 petals. Semi-double.

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