Friday, December 02, 2011

Ruby Red Cymbidium Orchid

Asian Corsage Orchid

Cymbidium ‘Via El Diablo 'Ruby Red'


These photos are from the lost rolls of Orchid pictures I recently found on my hard drive. It is generally not like me to take pictures and then not even look at them since this blog needs a constant stream of new flowers. Cymbidium Orchids have appeared on this site many times and seem to be a good looking photogenic group. There are 52 species mostly native to subtropical Asia. They are popular as houseplants and cut flowers. I like how the light shines through on the second shot making the flowers almost translucent. That totally changes the color, which seemed to have a bit of variation among the spikes even without the back lighting.

Anybody else glad it is Friday? We are going to try and see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree this weekend. I am going to be putting my Christmas list together also. I really want a new/used guitar but don’t think Santa can be that generous this year. Since when did a new Fender Stratocaster become so expensive? The problem is as I have become a better player over the years the demands that I make on my instruments seem greater. The vintage 1960’s reissue would be great but the Pawn Shop line of guitars is probably more attainable.

Built as a dream guitar hybrid of several different models the 1951 ‘Nocaster’ in a blonde finish would be ideal. Time to hit craigslist for a used one maybe.

I am going to email Santa with a link right now!


Wave Hill said...


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Peter - Wave Hill

SandyCarlson said...

I'm glad the lost are found! Gorgeous.

Scotkat said...

I am so enjoying your beauiful flowers and WOW the colour of your orchid is spectacular.