Monday, December 19, 2011

Spiffy Daylily


Hemerocallis 'Spiffy'


This orangey-yellow Daylily is nice to have in the garden. It’s striking color and good habit combine to make it a standout in the Daylily border. Introduced in 1980 it has been stunning gardeners for 31 years. The Daylilies in our garden have been trying to grow a little during are recent warm spells. It hasn’t really been that warm but enough to have the Daylilies throw out a few more leaves. That is going to shut down as the temperature here is 15 degrees F (-9 C) this morning. A bit nippy to be sure but closer to our normal. Winter officially starts in 2 days and it seems like it is going to be a long one. I don’t like the cold but the shortness of the days is what really gets to me this time of year.