Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Garden Phlox
Phlox paniculata ‘Speed Limit 45’
(syn, ‘Cotton Candy’)
(floks) (pan-ick-yoo-LAY-tuh)

This Phlox was labeled ‘Speed Limit 45’ at my local nursery. The owner assured me of this. It seems a little bluer than other pictures I have seen. In recent trials, ‘Speed Limit’ was one of only a few cultivars that rated highly resistant to powdery mildew. It seems like they could have come up with a better name than that. Overall, the newer cultivars seem to be more resistant to mildew, but I have resigned myself to having it. This year the Phlox were exceptional, and only recently did I notice some mildew.

Garden Phlox is a classic addition to any garden. There are 32 species of Phlox and they are mainly native to North America. Many of the species are grown in ornamental gardens.

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