Monday, July 10, 2006

‘Centennial Star’
Hybrid Tea Rose

Last year I needed a few rose plants to fill in a spot in one of the small rose gardens I tend to. I decided that I wanted something a little different, so I ordered 4 roses from Wayside Gardens. Ugh, they were really expensive. It turns out that this rose is special. In general, roses have been doing well here this year, but ‘Centennial Star’ has really outdone the rest. It always seems to have a lot of flowers and good disease resistance. I think when this round is done blooming I will cut it back to about 3 feet. One of the other roses from the batch did really well also; ‘Gypsy Carnival’ has been a wonderful red.

‘Centennial Star’ is a Hybrid Tea rose (my personal favorite) and has an amazing 70 petals per flower. It has the venerable Peace rose in it’s parentage and was hybridized by Meiland Roses in 1997.

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