Monday, August 20, 2007

Floribunda Rose ‘Chesapeake Sunset’

Floribunda Rose ‘Chesapeake Sunset’

Get ready for some Rose photos. I got some good pictures at the Peggy Rockefeller Rose garden in the Bronx. I tried mainly to shoot roses that I don’t already have pictures of. The garden itself was in fine form with thousands of rose bushes producing, I guessing here, tens of thousands flowers. I actually ran out of memory having only brought a 1 GB card with me and I went to the rose garden last. I had to manage my memory a bit which I am not used to doing as I have several cards but only brought one with me.

Here is a blurb about the garden from:
Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

“Surround yourself with fragrance, color, and beauty each spring (beginning in late May) and fall (beginning in early September) in the award-winning Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. Originally designed in 1916, completed in 1988, and beautifully renovated in 2006–2007, this stunning garden now displays more than 3,000 rose plants, from exquisite antique roses to modern hybrid teas, floribundas, and shrub roses.”

This is actually from a pop-up on the site. I couldn’t figure out to get the address so I have reprinted it here in part.

I couldn’t find many references to this rose on the Internet. It is a beauty but I am a sucker for orange blends. The best I could find is that is a Floribunda Rose that was introduced in 1998. It is repeater bloomer that is hardy to USDA Zone 5. The famous American hybridizer, J. Benjamin Williams, bred this rose. Here is an article on him:
Tribute to Jesse Benjamin Williams


Anonymous said...

That is a beauty. I love orange roses also although I have none in the garden. I will enjoy this one!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

layanee, thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

This rose is called. (Twin Set)
Grows to a height of 60-100cm
likes sun or semi shade.
Flowers from May until the first frost