Friday, August 10, 2007

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Spellbound’

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Spellbound’
Synonym: JACpribe

I can’t give any personal experience on growing this rose. I must say that the color and form was captivating. I forgot to smell it although I was rushing around when I snapped this photo. It is from a rose garden that I am officially going to be caring for now. It has 160 plants in it, with many types and colors. There are only about 20 or 30 repeat varieties so it really covers a broad spectrum. I am looking forward to the challenge of keeping it up.

'Spellbound' had the most ‘clean’ flowers in the garden, although one of my new favorites ‘Strike it Rich’ was a close second. This rose was bred by Dr. Keith Zary and introduced in 2006 by Jackson & Perkins and was named their 2006 ‘Rose of the Year’. Dr. Zary started work at J & P in 1985 as only the fourth breeder in the company’s long history.

Type: Large Flowered Hybrid Tea
Parentage: Ingrid Bergman × Pristine (hybrid tea, Warriner 1978)
Petal Count: 30
Fragrance: Mild. Spicy
Height: 5 feet

Here is a picture of part of the rose garden. I wish I had a wide angle lens with me to capture the whole thing, You can see it needs a little help but it is still producing some flowers. It is a lot of garden to work with and that is always helpful.


RUTH said...

It certainly looks as though they have a great selection of roses. I'm sure you'll get much enjoyment caring for out for the thorns though ;O)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Its really going to be exciting taking care of the rose garden.