Sunday, September 02, 2007

Staten Island Botanical Garden Canna Lilies

Staten Island Botanical Garden Canna Lilies

Yesterday I decided to visit the Staten Island Botanical Garden. For those that don’t know Staten Island is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. Here is more info on Staten Island:
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I didn’t get to see too much of the Island but what I did see makes me want to go back and explore it some more. It is quite an arduous journey to get there from Connecticut. The first thing I did was hop in the car and drive to Katonah, New York to get the train to Manhattan. After the train brings you to Grand Central Terminal you have to get the Times Square Shuttle, on the Subway, to go downtown. I knew the #1 line is what I wanted to take to the Staten Island Ferry. Once I got on the #1 line I figured I was all set to ride down to the South Ferry station. Oh no, all trains were stopping several stations from South Ferry due to construction with shuttle buses to go the rest of the way. I decided to walk and of course it was a lot longer than I thought but enjoyed walking around lower Manhattan snapping a few pictures. When I realized how far I had to go I decided to get back on the Subway and this time jumped on the R/W line to Whitehall, which also drops you at the SI Ferry. I got on the boat which is a 25 minute ride and features great views of New York Harbor. Here is a link for more information:
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The price is certainly right for the ferry ride, free! Once at the St. George Ferry Terminal I caught the S40 bus to the garden. All in all, 1 truck, 4 trains, 1 boat and 1 bus. Total time: 3 hours. Add in about 3 miles of walking, also.

Once I arrived at the Garden, which is located in an area called Snug Harbor I relaxed and started walking around. The garden is great. It is set up a bit like a maze, which I like, and the different gardens are next to each other but remote at the same time. They didn’t have a lot of rare plants but what they did have looked great and there were plenty of different things blooming to keep this shutterbug happy. Most everything was well maintained and for this time of year it was quite lush. One thing that was featured in a lot of the gardens was Canna Lilies. So here are three unnamed Canna portraits. I will be writing about my trip for several posts including one very special garden which is part of the SIBG, coming up here. I snagged a couple of ‘G’ posts for ABC Wednesday and I may have a day where I just post pictures I took in Manhattan.


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