Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crown Jewel Kousa Dogwood

Crown Jewel Kousa Dogwood
Cornus kousaMadison
(KOR-nus) (KOO-sa)

This Kousa Dogwood was an eye catcher. The gold color looked really nice against the Weeping Alaskan Cedar that was growing behind it. It was mixing well with the dark purple Viburnums next to it, too. The gold coloration only occurs on the summer growth and is kind of a combination of new summer growth and the fall color. During the spring the tree is green and has white flowers. It gets the traditional fruit of the Chinese Dogwood (nice one).

Tim Broztman of Madison, Ohio developed and introduced this tree. Here is a link to his nursery . It is wholesale only. If you click on the Variety Introductions link you can see that they have developed some very nice plants. Here is a link to the page with more information about ‘Madison’.

The big garden has a collection of different Kousa Dogwoods and this would definitely be a nice addition. Cornus kousa ‘Temple Jewel’ has been growing in the garden for several years and it is a great little tree. I was initially confused because I didn’t realize there was a ‘Crown Jewel’ cultivar out there also.

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