Monday, February 21, 2011

Giant Semi Cactus Dahlia ‘Lloyd Huston’

Giant Semi Cactus Dahlia ‘Lloyd Huston’

This Dahlia certainly lives up to the “giant” in its name. The flowers can get up to 10 inches across. It has an interesting blend of orange, bronze and yellow pleated petals. ‘Lloyd Huston’ was bred in Canada and was introduced in 1983.

It didn’t take long after getting home that the snow started again. 5 inches are expected here today. In some ways it will be nice to freshen up the existing piles with a new coat of white.


Makarimi Abdullah said...

So beautiful I like your shot ;)

Christine said...

Nice shot! I like all the angles, shadows and contrast.

trellis said...

What an amazing flower there. I love the orange tips

chudexs said...

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