Saturday, September 22, 2012

Japanese Rose

Japanese Rose
Rosa rugosa
(RO-zuh) (roo-GO-suh)
Synonyms: Beach Rose, Saltspray Rose, Wrinkle-Leaved Rose

This is a plant that I was taught to hate at an early age but over the years I have realized that despite some bad qualities it can be a good garden citizen. I was prejudiced against it but don’t feel that way anymore after having some of my own experiences growing it (funny how that works). Yes it is invasive, prickly and sometimes rangy growing but it is also fragrant, thick growing and resistant to most diseases that plague most roses around here. The fruit are nice looking and boldly colored. They have a habit of appearing on the bush at the same time as the flowers. We haven’t had any problem with seeding (we mostly grow the hybrids) and just watching and taking corrective action when needed has controlled suckering. This pleasant specimen was growing at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan.

Well today is the day of the party at the estate. The owner and I agreed the garden looked stunning. Luckily nature helped us out with a drenching rain this week. I got last minute color at the nursery yesterday. Here are my carts. I had to be careful since our budget had been mostly blown by then. Everything was reduced in price because it was in full bloom and the place wanted to get rid of the older stuff. That pretty much played right into my needs. 


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Carletta said...

The color of that rose is gorgeous!
I sure wish those filled carts were mine. :)
Thanks for your visit.