Thursday, September 27, 2012

Variegated Potato Vine

Variegated Potato Vine
Solanum laxum 'Variegata'
(so-LAN-num) (LAX-um)
Synonyms: Solanum jasminoides

I often hesitate when recommending vines to people as they can become bullies in the garden and often require a lot of maintenance. This vine can grow enormous but the winter usually keeps it in check. Hardy to USDA Zone 8 it is best grown as an annual in Connecticut. We have grown it in a container in other years and it did exactly what a vine should do in a container, which is grow and fill its support and then to continue growing down around the edge of the pot and even on the ground. The foliage of this vine makes it worth having and the smallish flowers are a nice bonus. Since this plant is in the nightshade family all parts of the plant are toxic.

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Wonderful flowers, wonderful colours. I am greeting