Saturday, September 08, 2012

Rainbow Orchid

Rainbow Orchid
Vanda ‘Tharab Kasemchai’

It seems like it has been ages since posting a black and white flower photo here. This orchid shot was shot with the camera in monochrome and is not a conversion of a color shot. I prefer it that way and think the tones come out better. This photo was shot a while ago with my Coolpix 5400. I remember when I got it and was excited to have a 5 megapixel camera. It doesn’t get used too much any more especially after the arrival of the DSLRs but you could usually count on it to take a good photo when called on. One thing I did notice when processing this photo is how small the file sizes are. My computer seemed much faster at adjusting the contrast and resizing then with the monster D700 pictures. The down side to that is there isn’t a lot of room for cropping so the composition has to be done right inside the camera.

Vanda orchids are some of my favorites and are considered some of the most important in the orchid family. The range of colors is always intriguing and the fragrant, showy flowers always capture my imagination.

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