Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cane Orchid


Cane Orchid
Dendrobium Oriental Smile ‘Fantasy’

This orchid was amazing with its large flowers and its sunset combination of colors. It is a hybrid between Dendrobium fukujyu x Dendrobium yuubae two of the 1,200 species in the genus. Mainly native to Southeast Asia Dendrobium orchids have adapted to a wide range of habitats mainly growing as an epiphyte (air plant) or lithophytic (growing on rocks). They can be a little tricky to grow at home; getting the right temperatures is essential and they are not really popular for home cultivation. Breeding is continuing so we may get some easy to grow types soon.

The foliage has started to turn here and looks nice. The forest has lost its green luster and is in transition now. Some of the woods look like a messy artists palette that too much yellow, orange and red has been dramatically smeared into some areas.

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ZielonaMila said...

Wonderful flowers, wonderful colours. I am greeting