Thursday, October 04, 2012

White Poinsettia

White Poinsettia
Euphorbia pulcherrima cv.
(yoo-FOR-bee-uh) (pul-KAIR-ih-muh)

It is a little early but a couple of the nurseries/growers we went last week had Christmas decorations out for sale. My initial reaction was one of dismay but the sales people said a lot of professionals were already looking for stuff. With some creative, popular items you have to act fast these days so I guess I understand.

This poinsettia is from a 4-megapixel camera. It was for its time an amazing device to me. One grower had literally a sea of Poinsettias growing but none were this far advanced. I know they raise a crop of ‘Early Red’ for the early bird crowd. It was a nice sight to see their massive mum crop just coming into color.

The weather here has been terrible, it reminds me of living in England. :lol: Good planting/transplanting weather but that is about it. Since the nights have been getting kind of cool we brought in some of the most tender greenhouse plants yesterday. I think there is going to be a frost warning for interior Connecticut Sunday night and that is just too close for comfort so the rare and really tropical stuff is under glass now.

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