Sunday, October 07, 2012

Corsage Orchid

Corsage Orchid
Cymbidium Via Nogales ‘Louise’

You may have noticed we have been on an Orchid kick here lately. It's a two-fold celebration for me. We just took the orchid collection inside at the estate, they really love being outside but the cool evenings are getting to be a little too cool. Of course the plants needed a lot of work and a few had to be transplanted. Luckily the needed supplies were ‘in stock’. We are anticipating quite a few flowers as many had spikes forming. We even had a few stray bloomers over the summer.

All of the recent pictures are from a lost roll of orchid photographs from my Coolpix 8400. It is a nice camera but lacks the overall sharpness of a DSLR. It does well with color rendition and macro focusing but is old technology at this point. That is okay it is still functional and makes a great backup. Speaking of old technology I had send a fax out today and that was a trip. Finally got it out from our all-in-one machine. I had to chuckle when remembering how awesome having the ability to send a fax to someone was.

Since it is Sunday here is a bonus orchid pic. A nice intergeneric (the x is before the genus name) xMiltonidium with a rich red color and large flower size. This genus is a hybrid between Miltonia and Oncidium (Milt. × Onc.).

xMiltonidium 'Bartley Schwarz'

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