Thursday, January 29, 2009

Butterfly Magic at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Butterfly Magic at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Not sure what species of Butterfly this is but it was beautiful and it didn’t mind posing for a couple of shots. This was shot with the D700 and 60mm Micro-Nikkor lens. So far the 60mm is still my favorite and it costs half as much as the 105mm, go figure. Maybe someone can help with the identification of the Butterfly.

This picture was taken at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. We stopped there for 2 days before arriving here in San Diego. Tucson was beautiful and we stayed up in the foothills. It was a nice break to get out of the car and do a little sightseeing and happy snapping.

The Tucson Botanical Gardens are small, relatively speaking, but we loved the place. I felt like I was in a personal garden that was very intimate. Almost like someone’s house that really loved plants but didn’t have to have everything maintained perfectly. The garden was maintained nicely but not overly so. I seem to be able to tell when a garden is built on a lot of love and that was the feeling I got from this one.

There wasn’t a whole lot blooming but we did find some stuff. The Butterfly was in the Butterfly Magic exhibit. There were a lot of Butterflies and they were flying around loose. One even landed on my camera lens while I was shooting a flower picture. Karen got a laugh out of that one.

Link to the Tucson Botanical Garden

Check out the link for a 2 for 1 entry coupon into the Butterfly exhibit. They were kind enough to give me the discount even though I couldn’t print it out. The staff at the garden is wonderful, real plant people if know what I mean.

We are now in San Diego and our little house is a funky California type of place. Not fancy at all, which suits the dogs and us perfectly. Another perfect thing is the weather. It is about 75 degrees and sunny.


Vanillalotus said...

What a beautiful butterfly. I tried to find what it was but just could not find anything that looked like it. Tucson Botanical Gardens sound nice. What an exciting road trip you are on. I see you went through Texas! Are you visiting family in California?

Walker said...

Next time we are stopping by that lovely place.

ChrisJ said...

I love your blog. You always have such nice photographs. I'm in San Diego too we have had no winter this year! I love it!!!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

How much nectar did you tempt that guy with... great capture. The detail is amazing.

Oh, welcome to San Diego. Email me if you have ANY questions.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

VL, Here I was thinking you had dropped off the planet. Thanks for visiting. I will be visiting your site again, now. We are just on vacation in CA, my sister moved from here to Hawaii.

Walker, definitely worth dropping in if your in the area. It is a lovely garden.

ChrisJ, thanks. For some reason I thought you lived in England.

Mary Ann, thanks for the warm welcome. I might email a little later after visiting the 'tourist' spots for some local type shooting areas.

Annie in Austin said...

Cool butterfly, DFP - and sounds like you've been stopping at lovely places. Tucson and San Diego are places I'd like to see someday.

Recent night lows in the twenties have frozen the few flowers that were blooming in my garden - not much to photograph in Austin right now.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Ouch, Annie. It got down to 32 deg. F in Tucson. I was wondering about some of the vegetation. Te people didn't look used to it either.

Sara Chapman in Seattle said...

Hi Chris, so nice to hear about your travels into the warm sun. Next time I'm in Tuscon we'll definitely go to the botanical gardens! Gorgeous shot here, and the others below as well. The sky one on top looks like you photoshopped the color. Did you?


Sydney Plumber said...

I think these flowers are great and beautiful.

Tucson hotels said...

Great post. You and your D700 did a great job shooting that beauty. Tucson Botanical Gardens are certainly a place where one can see a lot of nature's beauties. Regards!