Friday, January 30, 2009

The Lodge at Ventana Canyon

The Lodge at Ventana Canyon
Tucson, Arizona

This is where we stayed while in Tucson. I shot the first photo with Skywatch Friday in mind. Both of these shots were taken from the windows of the room. I am glad we paid the extra $15 for the mountain view room. The hotel was a little more than we like to pay but it wasn’t much more than the hotel we stayed at in El Paso the night before and that was literally 100 feet from I-10. Plus there were some. uh, industrial smells at the other place.

When I saw all the grass and flowers at the Lodge it was very uplifting. I felt like rolling around on it but it wasn’t that type of place. The staff at the Lodge was one of the friendliest we have seen and the place is very canine friendly.

Nestled in the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains (pictured here) amongst the giant Saguaro cactus it certainly is a nice place to unwind for a few days. For the more athletic people there is golf, tennis and hiking. Here is a link to the resort:
The Lodge at Ventana Canyon

For other skies from around the world check out the
Skywatch Friday Home Page

As a side note the top photo was shot with the D700 and 60mm lens and on the other was shot with the D70s with the Sigma 24mm. There is not much of a comparsion as to which I like better.


Skies said...

Wow, what a beautiful treat for us. This is absolutely beautiful.

Louise said...

I think the view was worth $15 extra. Beautiful place and photos of it!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

beautiful shots.

Tricia said...

WoW! Yes, I'd say the $15 extra was WELL WORTH IT!!! Love those mountains!!!

ms426d said...

Definately worth the extra $15. Beautiful.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Marvelous views and fantastic colors!
I saw many flowers in your blog!
Hope to see your flowers in TODAY'S FLOWERS, the Meme of flowers.


Sydney Plumber said...

What are colorful flowers are really those...!

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Patricia said...

The Santa Catarina mountains photo is just awesome :)
Great shots!!
Have a happy weekend!

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Tarolino said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the video (I think). I was rather puzzled with your message but at the same time highly impressed that you had ventured to try a finnish message. Only I don't think the translator gave you a correct translation. Here is what you wrote. 'Timid movies. To turn to grass is the only of mine to improve.' I am not quite sure how to interpet that message but it did make me smile. So thanks.
As to your images. They are so wonderful. The first is spectacular in both scenery and colours. The second has that lovely green grass, and lots of it. Hard to choose a favourite allthough the mental image of you rolling around in the grass perhaps just gives the second one the edge :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Well thanks everyone for taking the time to comment.

Hi Sara, I didn't do anything to the color in the first picture. The D700 was set to Vivid Color and I think that is why it is so saturated.

It is funny the D700 doesn't need the Vivid setting but the D70s does. The mountains really looked that color and too bad I didn't get a sunset picture because the colors were even more dramatic.