Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cactus Dahlia

Cactus Dahlia

We haven’t seen any flowers yet other than a brave little Camellia in Central Mississippi. This Dahlia is from this summer at work.

Just as an update we have made it Columbus, Texas, which is a couple hundred miles east of San Antonio. After visiting friends in Arkansas and Mississippi we are on more of a beeline towards the west coast. The weather has been pretty nasty temperature wise (better than home though) but other than a little rain here and there it has cooperated enough to let us keep driving.

Traveling with the dogs is always a bit of a circus and after a little rough start Juno has fallen in with the program. Ruby is a good traveler having been to Florida and Canada a couple of times.

I have my eye out for flowers. I would have tried to shoot a couple pictures of the Camellia we saw but the 30mph wind made that impossible. There have been a few palm tree sightings, which always make me feel better.


Annie in Austin said...

That's one long car trip, DFP! Sounds like you're following I10 so just about the time you pass US183, look right and wave at Austin to the North on your drive through Central Texas.

Good luck with finding more flowers!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Annie, I would have loved to stop to see Austin and especially your garden.

Mojo said...

Okay, no food references on this one, it's just flat gorgeous!