Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Archive Pictures – Orchids

More Archive Pictures – Orchids

While wading through the archives on my computer I found these Orchid pictures from the NYBG show. Backing up everything on the computer is proving to be a chore but the added benefit is getting rid of some useless stuff. The upgrade went well and instead of upgrading the processor we just tried doubling the RAM, which has helped with the speed issues. Since my computer is a Quicksilver 2002 it should really be replaced next year. Getting a new computer is actually a hassle to me especially since the operating system will have to be upgraded to 10.5 (leopard) and I really like 10.4 (tiger).

Today’s Orchids were shot with the Nikon Coolpix 8400 compact camera. While going through the photos of the show it was nice to remember the sights and smells. Hopefully we will be back from California in time to see this year’s show. Seeing the start of the show is best because the flowers are freshest.

Epidendrum Fantasy Valley ‘Starburst’

Epidendrums are easy to grow and although the flower is smaller it blooms in such nice colors and masses of flowers that it is special. These Orchids are Epiphytic, which means they “grow upon or attaches to a living plant.” The name Epidendrum comes from Greek meaning ‘upon trees”.

While rummaging through the pictures I have decided to put a couple of six picture portfolios together and enter them in the International Garden Photographer of the Year contest by Kew Gardens. It’s not that I think I am good enough to win but more of just trying to take a critical look at the pictures and see what I can work on this year.

We have another big snow storm forecast for today. So far Connecticut has gotten a lot of snow and ice this winter. A polar outbreak is supposed to follow the storm (great). We are usually dancing on the rain/snow line here during the winter and lately the rain as stayed just to the south by as little as 25 miles.


i beati said...

These orchids are astounding and really do take my breath away

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Sandy,

The color is really nice on the Reed Orchid, isn't it?

Walker said...

Beautiful pictures.