Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fish Geranium

Fish Geranium
Pelargonium x hortorum 'Maestro Salmon'
(pe-lar-GO-nee-um) (hor-TOR-um)
Wordless Wednesday


Eaton Bennett said...

Geraniums are so hardy and thrive here in Australia...yours is a gorgeous color, almost stripes but not quite. Happy WW! :)

Maureen Hayes said...

I want to know the secret to photographing geraniums! I tried to get some good shots while in a photography class, but they all lacked depth. This one is just gorgeous. None of us could figure out how to capture the beauty of this flower with a photo, but you've done it!

I've been away from WW for a few months due to illness. I did get a post up today at:

Pop by if you have a chance and let me know what you think. Also, any tips on photographing those geraniums would be appreciated!

Happy WW!

Jewels said...

Nature shots are my absolutely favorite. I spend most of my spring/summer/falls doing just that. Of course they are also the shots I get right most of the time.

Yours is absolutely gorgeous! Happy WW.

Mojo said...

I see how it got its (common) name. Looks like something you might see in a sushi restaurant.

Nice definition!

June said...


chelle said...

gasp! What a beautiful pink!

sherry said...

I'm partial to salmon colored geranium. Beautiful photo!

Sara Chapman in Seattle said...

This is a scrumptious shot. The delicacy of the pink petals, the lighting, focus and depth of field perfect, man oh man. You need to give us all lessons.