Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mallard Duck

Mallard Duck
Anas platyrynchos
Wordless Wednesday


Beth F said...

Nice shot. The color patterns in the feathers are great.

catsynth said...

It is a nice photo, the texture on the duck's feathers are quite detailed.

It would be fun to see a photo stream, of all the flowers, and then the duck. :)

Anonymous said...

She's a handsome girl isn't she? Nice photo blog:)

Shannon said...

That's not a flower! Great picture anyway. Happy WW!

Cindy O said...

Beautiful work!!! Wondering what type/kind of camera you use?

Maureen Hayes said...

Really lovely shot. I love the pop of orange from the duck's feet, it makes the browns in the feathers stand out as well.

Happy WW!

texasdaisey said...

I think I coulend days just telling you how gorgeous your pictures are. I like them all.

Susanne49 said...

O.M.G. is he beautiful - and I think he knows that too! or it he a she in the end? :)

very nice shot!

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