Thursday, February 05, 2009

Caribbean Flamingo

Caribbean Flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber

What trip to San Diego would be complete without a trip to the San Diego Zoo? The world famous facility did not disappoint yesterday presenting both botanical and animal delights.

Since I got the Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5 - 5.6G for Christmas and haven’t had a chance to use it that was the only lens I took with me. The only way to get the feeling for a new lens is to use it and it usually takes multiple outing for me to decide if I like it. It did pretty well for the price. It is a whole different ballgame to use a zoom lens and it took awhile to remember how to use the zoom and the VR. VR stands for Vibration Reduction and
this link explains it better than I could.

I am not sure if the 70-300 is going to be good for plant portraits. It was weird standing several feet from the flower instead of getting up close and personal with it. You have to watch out as I am nursing a few kind of nasty puncture wounds from getting to close to the Agaves while photographing another plant. They are two just below the knees that are painful.

My brother and a cousin have been visiting for a couple of days before moving on to Maui to visit my sister. I am jealous that they are going to Hawaii. The weather has been stunning in San Diego but we are looking at a little rain moving in the next couple of days. It won’t dampen my spirits, though, as it is still really nice compared to home.

Here is a flower picture with the 70-300mm. I ended up with a few nice photos of plants. This Aloe was striking with the different colors on the stalk. It seems to be the Aloe flowering season and I never knew that they came in so many colors.


Les said...

Nice shots! Watch those agave punctures. A co-worker stabbed his hand with one and ended up in the hospital with a freak infection.

Judy said...

Beautiful photos!! I love the colour of the flamingoes, and the flowers are stunning! I have never seen anything like them!
And isn't it true that when you are looking for things to photograph, you see so much more of the world!!

misti said...

We have a couple of agave's that when I try to weed around them it can be dangerous! We also have a prickly pear that is somehow stuck in between our rows of tomatoes. If you bend down to get a 'mater, you just might come up with thorns!!