Monday, February 09, 2009

Gazaland Aloe

Gazaland Aloe
Aloe spicata
(AL-oh) (spi-KAH-tuh)
Synonyms: Lebombo Aloe, Aloe sessiliflora

The Aloes have been a colorful sight around here. The colors are bright and bold and the spikes of flowers are almost everywhere. These two were unusual the first having the striped buds and reddish edged foliage. The red one (second) was a nice dark red with the bottom of the spike having a little yellow, it was unnamed.

Aloes have been used medicinally for centuries. I have used it myself for burns and it also is used in many cosmetics and skin care products. While there are over 250 species of Aloe the one used most is Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera). The species range in size from miniature to giant trees and often form massive colonies. The minis are really cute and this is the first time I have noticed them growing in large numbers.

Aloes generally grow in non-freezing climates (USDA Zone 10-11) but can be cultivated indoors as houseplants. They need sufficient sunlight and not too much water.


Sara Chapman in Seattle said...

Hi Chris,

You say WE planted all those bulbs, but I (me only!) planted 450 to get the new garden going. Bulbs are such a great effort investment, though, aren't they? They pay off and pay off.

Hey, I am coming to the NY area May 1-10. Hope the weather is good for garden viewing!

Are you back yet from your travels? Your blog keeps looking good!

Take care, Sara

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Sara,

I said 'we' since it was a group effort. I don't know if you have ever dug a hole in CT but it ain't easy :lol: we planted 2500 tulips too.

My wife and I are still in San Diego, we don't come home for a couple of weeks.

May 1-10 sounds good, perfect for our season.

Judy said...

What interesting flowers!! I love the way you have included both the buds and the blossoms on the first photo, and I think the spent flowers on the second!
Not to mention the colours!

Maria said...

Your blog is very interesting. I love your post. Good work. Thank You.