Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Ranunculus

Ranunculus asiaticus
(ra-NUN-ku-lus) (a-see-AT-ee-kus)
Synonyms: Turban Buttercup, Persian Crowfoot, Persian Buttercup

Quick post as we are headed up to Rancho Cucamonga to visit Karen’s uncle and some cousins. It is about a 2-hour drive from Pacific Beach.

Ranunculus has been blooming nicely in this area. The purple one was a new color for me and the shaded one was also attractive. We can grow these in Connecticut but only as a spring flower, they don’t seem to like the heat. I was reading an article that said all Ranunculus are poisonous and they can cause severe blistering of the mouth and a lot of gastrointestinal problems. They can also cause contact dermatitis in people. When dried the poison deteriorates enough to be safely eaten by livestock.

For being that bad on the poison front they sure a beautiful flower and I wish we were going to be here to see Flower Fields in Carlsbad . Maybe next time.


ChrisJ said...

Sorry you will miss our flower fields! I have lived here for 35 years and there used to be a lot more of them. I still admire them from afar -- too much walking otherwise, unless you hitch a ride on a tractor. And now they charge quite a bit for what used to be free.

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i beati said...

I'm overcome with tthis beauty and the 2 unique orchids..sandy