Monday, March 09, 2009

The 2009 New York Orchid Show Brazilian Modern

The 2009 New York Orchid Show
Brazilian Modern
February 28-April 12, 2009
New York Botanical Garden
Bronx, NY

The 2009 show is like the preceding years tremendous. We attended on Sunday, which I know is a day to get to the garden early. It started to get a little crowded by the time we were leaving. The flowers were out in force and there were several I hadn’t seen before. The show was staged nicely but the 2008 show was more my style.

The structures that the flowers were displayed on were amazing. Made from large bamboo poles they allowed the flowers to tower over the attendees. This wall of white Orchids was astounding and was an element that was worth seeing by itself. It was about ten feet long. There were some multi-specie walls at the end of the exhibit and they looked great but lacked the impact of the single type display.

Orchids are one of the easiest flowers to shoot in black and white. Not sure why that it is. This unnamed Vanda Orchid was shot using the monochrome setting on the D700.

The show is definitely worth attending even if it is for the wonderful fresh smell of having all those flowers blooming. The admission price is $20 and parking is $12 per car. It was free for us since we have a membership. The tickets were easily printed at home. I got some other photographs of the Orchids so they will be posted in the next couple of days.


Sara Chapman in Seattle said...

Hi Chris,

These look stunning. I sent your link to my friends living in the Bronx, I hope they can make it to this year's show. Take a look at my flower for Today's Flower, as I think it's almost as good as yours, even with my little point and shoot.

Princess Haiku said...

These are superb. Can I post the white orchids photo on top on my blog with due credit and a link back to you? It would be perfect for a haiku.

joey said...

Love the last beauty, Chris! As you know, orchid anatomy is complicated to photograph as are clusters on a shoot ... maybe why black & white works well?

Indrani said...

Stunning Orchids!
I have some and I am waiting for them to bloom.

peterK said...

Just so beautiful. Looks like a waterfall, a cascade of flowers.

misti said...

Amazing Phalenopsis! I sometimes think the generic white ones are over done, but wow, when they are put together...very amazing!