Monday, March 30, 2009



This is the second time this year I get to enjoy these elegant and stately flowers. There already have been two posts on them here this year from San Diego. These Ranunculus were for sale at the Union Square Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I think they work as cut flowers however these were being sold in pots. Here is a link to Wikipedia’s entry on Ranunculus .

The first shot is from the D700 with the 105mm VR Nikon lens and the second is the D70 and the 60mm macro lens.

The weather was weird here yesterday. Instead of raining in the morning and then clearing up as forecasted it stayed gray all day with a little bit of rain. Just as I was saying that it didn’t rain much at all the skies opened up with a tremendous thunderstorm. I am talking bright lighting, really loud thunder, wind, driving rain and even some dime sized hail. It reminded me of this quote by one of my favorite American authors Mark Twain:

In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.


Sande LaFaut said...

I've always admired the ranunculus. For the first time ever I saw some last week in pots for sale at a local market. Your photos of them are beautiful.

ChrisJ said...

Yes, the fields of ranunculus are in full bloom. Saw them as we passed yesterday. But I love the one you have posted here. it is beautiful.

Flowers Philippines said...

Where did you get that adorable ranunculus
Its really attract our eyes here.Just wishing to find that kind of flower in the market.I want to put it in my room.


i beati said...

variegated very special