Saturday, March 07, 2009

Barrett Junction, California

Barrett Junction, California

This is an interesting area to the east of San Diego. The Barrett Junction Café has been around a long time. Check out this link for more information. I first became acquainted with the area in 1986 when I planted a large grove of Eucalyptus and Citrus trees on a ranch. It is a nice ride on CA 94 out through the mountains past Dulzura.

We did find a flower to take a picture of in the little Cactus garden outside the café. This yellow Aloe was blooming with several spikes. Of course we had to have the famous Fish Fry while at the café and here are some other snapshots from the area.

The mountains are impressive and were just starting to green up. There had been some terrible wildfires recently (2007) and nature was starting to come back. Some of the longer vistas look right into Mexico. Here are some pictures from the 2007 Harris fire.

These life sized figures were a little creepy. I wonder if Elvis is angry that Marilyn is always in the spotlight. The last picture was in the hall on the way to the bathrooms. I tried for a little soft focus like you would be seeing after a few Tequizas. Normally I wouldn’t post these snapshots but thought that seeing a few other than flower pictures might be fun. A friend of a friend was asking me what type of pictures I like to take and the answer was “just about anything but mainly flowers.”

Here is link to the café website:
Barrett Junction Cafe

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