Friday, March 20, 2009

Pink Tecoma Flowers

Pink Tecoma
Tabebuia heterophylla
(ta-bee-BEW-ee-uh) (het-er-oh-FIL-uh)
Synonyms: Pink Trumpet Tree, Pink Poui-Rosea
Skywatch Friday

This was taken in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park.
The garden has it’s own website here.

I wanted to frame the picture in a Japanese style and in the back of my mind was Skywatch Friday. Doing ‘sky’ pictures on Friday has helped me explore some new angles for taking pictures.

This tree is beautiful in the landscape. When we were looking at it Karen and I both guessed some sort of Catalpa tree. It was, however, a bit more refined than the average Catalpa. The buds reminded me a bit of Foxglove. Well we got the family right, Bignoniaceae. It was only later when I saw a marked specimen that the name was revealed. The tree grows 20-30 feet tall and the ones in the Japanese Garden had been pruned to about 15 feet (very well, I might add).

Happy Spring!

Happy Skywatching.
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Lene said...

Springtime - yes, please! Beautiful photos :)

Have a great weekend.

Larry D said...

Great photos, incredible tree! Happy SWF!

Today's Blah... said...

Wow, what a very beautiful combination, pink in blue sky. I'm awed.

Anonymous said...

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Judy said...

Such an odd shape for tree flowers!! Not that I am complaining!

Arija said...

Beautiful flowers against the sky. The pink and blue go so well together.