Monday, May 04, 2009

Leopard's Bane

Leopard's Bane
Doronicum orientale 'Little Leo'
(dor-ON-ih-kum) (or-ee-en-TAY-lee)
Synonyms: Doronicum caucasicum, D. caudatum

This hardy little plant blooms early and adds a nice touch of yellow to the spring garden. It is very hardy and seems to come back every year. Mine are planted in almost full sun and have gone dormant during the height of the summer. They do grow in part shade and I think they would look nice with some of the perennial forget-me-nots. ‘Little Leo’ is certainly more compact than the species and the flowers seem a little bigger. Hardy Candytuft (Iberis) is providing the white background.

Sorry I haven’t had time had time to return visits and say much on the comments section. This rain isn’t helping matters any in getting some of the stuff we need to get done. I do appreciate people taking the time to visit and leave comments.


Tulip said...

beautiful yellow dainty flowers. nice shot for this entry.

Regina said...

Beautiful blooms you have here..

Anonymous said...

Lovely with a hint of refreshing feel to it :)