Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lobster Petunia

Petunia ‘Potunia Lobster’

One of the reasons this site was started was to share different plants that we grow with other gardeners. Posting the successful ones is the easiest since sometimes there are factors that lead to a plant not doing well that isn’t their fault. Keeping an open mind and trying a plant a couple of times can be difficult but I usually try to give them another chance.

This year we planted a lot of Petunias. By a lot I mean a couple of hundred 4 and 6 inch pots. Not all of them did well because of all of the rain and the increase in the slug population. We did try a new type (to us) called Potunias. I was a little skeptical about the name but found that this breed of Petunias has its own website, here

We tried a couple of the colors of Potunias and ‘Lobster’ has outperformed them all. It truly has been an outstanding annual. It has a mounding and very tidy habit. It has also been the one variety that fought off the rain. The color is a beautiful pink that can really glow when the light hits it. It always seems to be full of flowers when whenever I look at it.

It is Saturday and I am going to have to be in the home office all day. The air conditioner is getting installed today. Originally to save money and energy I was going to try and make it through the season without A/C but after the last couple of days I am going to use it sparingly. Catching up with a lot of paperwork is not my idea of a fun Saturday so being comfortable will make it a bit easier.


bettyl said...

Awesome flower! And thanks for the info on it!

SandyCarlson said...

Nobody wants a flower whose name screams "for sale." But there you go. Anybody who doesn't surrender to the slugs is a friend of mine.

Sara Chapman said...

I love the color, and it does sound like a winner. I hope I see them around here next spring, I'll sure give them a try.

So Chris, can you tell me what is the name of that common magenta little flower on the silvery stems, a couple of feet tall? Also in white, but not as common. It's an oldie, reseeds well, tough as nails. I can't find the freakin name! I have a photo on my website. Anyone?

Thanks a million, Sara

philippine flowers said...

I am not familiar about this Lobster Petunia. Anyway, I agree with you there, "Posting the successful ones is the easiest since sometimes there are factors that lead to a plant not doing well that isn’t their fault." I enjoyed reading your article. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.