Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yellow Friendship Pervuian Lily

Pervuian Lily
Alstroemeria violacea ‘Yellow Friendship’
(al-stre-MEE-ree-uh) (vy-oh-LAH-see-uh)
Synonyms: Lirio de Campo, Alstroemeria paupercula, Country Lily
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There seems to be a lack of information about this flower variety. There was only one real reference (that I found) to it at Digging Dog Nursery. That sure is a nursery Ruby and Juno could work at. This flower was blooming in the Ladies Border at the New York Botanical Garden. It wasn’t what you would expect to see in the Bronx. The page at DDN says ‘Yellow Friendship’ is hardy to Zone 8 (USDA) and in a good winter it might over winter at the NYBG. It certainly could never make it around here in Connecticut. By good winter I mean not too much cold or snow, easy would probably be a better term. The Ladies Border is a collection of southern and half hardy plants. Check out the ‘About’ link for a brief history.

The buds were really nice looking on this plant and the flowers had plenty of detail on them. The last shot is some of the spent flowers that fell down near the base of some Silver Sage (Salvia argentea).

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SquirrelQueen said...

A very beautiful lily, I have never seen this before. Thanks for sharing the information on this lovely flower.
Have a wonderful week,

Naturegirl said...

Love this entry! I have purchased the Alstroemeria as a cut flower for indoor that it is also called a
‘Yellow Friendship’ Thanks for sharing the interesting facts!

Les said...

We have started selling several varieties of this plant as a tender perennial. The key for its winter survival here is good drainage. We put one variety with variegated foliage and red flowers in the display garden at work many years ago. We had to go in last year with a take no prisoners attitude to put it back in bounds.

Denise said...

Great post, beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.

i beati said...

I like thm because they are pretty hardy

Pat - Arkansas said...

Beautiful flowers and excellent photos. I sometimes see such flowers in florist shops for inclusion in arrangements, but have never seen them growing in a garden. Thanks for sharing your photos.

SandyCarlson said...

Alstromeria is a word I can't say. Lily is good. Your photos, as ever, are amazing.

Grace Olsson said...

we ahve the same flowers in Swedena dn I like so much the smell..nice macro shot

nice week to u