Monday, May 30, 2011

Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium ‘Claude Pepper'

Since it has been a while since I posted an Orchid here is a nice looking Cymbidium. The color was glowing and usually brown flowers are not the most attractive this one looked good. It is named after the famous liberal politician from Florida who had an interesting career in Washington to say the least.

We are having a big thunderstorm right now and since the surface soil in the gardens was starting to dry out it is okay. If things keep up with the soaking rains and then warm temperatures and sun it really should be a banner year for horticulture. It has already been amazing as far as the trees and shrubs flowering (that has more to do with the conditions last summer) but the weather has allowed things to flower longer and more beautifully than most years. I am not sure but I may have just stated that the weather has been cooperating with us for a change. I need to remember that when it is not.

Happy Holiday Monday to everyone in the United States.


sheryl koske said...

hi,my name is sheryl i love all your pics.thanks.

Les said...

Happy Holiday to you as well. We could really use a good soaking rain here. Summer heat is already on us, it is very dry and the storm rains are hit or miss. I will not complain though, after seeing what others are going through with tornado damage.

tracy said...

gorgeous photo and beautiful flower.
i just love orchids. i was always frustrated trying to grow them in the states but they grow just everywhere everywhere here (thailand) so i'm fortunate enough to have a lot in my garden and around the yard. :)

Anonymous said...

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