Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rose Morn Petunia

Opera Supreme Rose Morn Petunia
Petunia grandiflora ‘Opera Supreme Rose Morn’

These flowers look suspiciously like ‘Pink Morn’ petunias but I am not sure. We are just going by what the tag said here. No matter what the name these Petunias are eye catching and have a pleasing color scheme. Their trailing habit and floriferous nature are nice additions to the garden or containers.

Petunias have come a long way since being discovered in South America around 1750. It took many years (untl the early 20th century) before the modern Petunia that we know emerged from the breeding programs. First they were bred to get larger flowers than the initial two species then work began on getting double flowered and more colorful types. The work still continues today and I don’t think the modern plants resemble the old ones very much.

After 4 days of rain I am sick of it now. Our spring hasn’t been a pleasant one and I am ready for some sunshine and happy days.

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