Friday, June 03, 2011

Golden Torch Cactus

Golden Torch
Echinopsis spachiana
(ek-in-OP-sis) (spak-ee-AY-nuh)
Synonyms: Torch Cactus, Cereus spachianus

As a change of pace here is a Cactus we saw growing in California last year. I thought something from that area would be nice since it is so cold out this morning. The thermometer says 49 degrees F but it feels colder. I went out with a tee shirt and was freezing. What a wild and whacky weather year we are having.

Torch Cactus is a night bloomer with strongly scented flowers. The flowers (not pictured) are fairly huge, up to 8 inches across and usually only last a day. It is a native of Argentina and can reach a height of 6 feet.

I am glad it is Friday. We have two stops today but both are for planting, which makes it okay. Have a nice weekend.

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