Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daylily Seedling


This is a first here a night flower picture. While fetching my camera from the truck last night I thought what the heck and shot this picture of a Daylily seedling blooming near the driveway. I love night photography but it is better with a tripod and a little bit of light. The blue hour (dusk or dawn) is the best. There is a little camera shake here but the camera and lens did well (D700 and 60mm Micro). I did use a little of the on board flash but it was dialed way back. A little lifting of the levels in Photoshop was also done.

We have had a couple of nice summery days in row now. It’s easy to forget what a disaster the spring weather was. Today we are planting more annuals in a race to have them finished for the holiday weekend.

This one of the earliest Daylilies in my garden and it is an amazing color. I didn’t expect anything like this when I bought the 100 seedlings for $100. As they come out we are grading them for color and form and this one got a 5 in both categories.

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