Monday, July 11, 2011

White Petunias

Petunia hybrid

This flower is quite similar to the Supertunia I posted recently except that the flower is about half the normal size. They came in untagged so the mystery remains. The plant is spreading out well in a container and it is weird that the flowers are so small. Not small enough to be Million Bells (Calibrachoa) but not large enough to be regular Petunias either. They have been mixing with some very deep pink Supertunias and seem to fit in well.

We are starting to get into the summer doldrums out in the garden. The roses are still going pretty strong bit most everything else seems to be taking a breath right now. The Rhododendron maximums are blooming better than I remember over the last 25 years. They look nice even though their flowers can’t compete with the hybrids (spring blooming) in the collection. After flowering they need to be pruned and headed back. They seem to like to get a lot taller than the other species.


CPI said...

nice photography blog! it was really helpful site for me :) thanks for sharing..

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks. I think this is Supertunia 'Mini White'.