Friday, July 01, 2011

Sights of Summer Dahlia

Decorative Dahlia
Dahlia 'Sights of Summer'

The Dahlias are coming on strong and this one has been a pleasant one to have. The colors are outstanding and the plant seems to be a good citizen. We purchased two of these for the containers as you enter the cutting garden. 'Sights of Summer' was picked for the pots since it only grows 24 inches tall although I think the rest of the Dahlias had some growth regulator sprayed on them because they are full of flowers and not getting very tall. That eliminates the need for staking, which is a good thing.

Last fall I had bought a bag of that new “guaranteed to grow” grass seed and had good results. Yesterday while in the compost area we moved a spare wheelbarrow that we keep back there and there was a perfect (although yellow) patch of grass that had sprouted under it. Truly grow anywhere.

To the Americans visiting this site Happy Foutrth of July and I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Diane Doyon said...

Hello, I was so pleased when I found your picture of Sight of Summer, (Dahlia). I thought you may be interested in the origin of the name.
I was working for the store Costco for 20yrs., I also bred Arabian horses. My husband was concerned about the cost of raising them and asked my to sell one of them, (Which to this day saddens Me!)
Well I had a friend that worked in the Gardening Dept. of Costco, and one of her best friends ended up buying my boy!
The Dutch were looking for names for the new corp of Dahlia's, so my friend put in my boy's name, which properly spelled is (Cytes of Summer). The Dutch did not think that people would understand the spelling, So came the name Sights of Summer!
I hope that you and your readers find this of some interest. Thank you! Diane Doyon. Monroe, WA.