Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canna Lily

Spotted Canna Lily
Canna x generalis
(KAN-uh) (jen-er-RAY-liss)

This is an archive shot from California. Looking up the cultivar proved futile, as there are more and more of them to choose from. In addition to the varieties that are commonly offered there are a lot of specialty types that are available in very small supplies. The light was just right for this photo even though it was a midday picture. I guess the California sun is nicer :lol: The bee just flew into the photo serendipitously while lining up the picture. I am glad it happened that way because if I tried to focus on the bee it probably would have ruined the photo.

Keeping up with clearing out the main folder that holds pictures for this blog here is a 2003 Harley Davidson motorcycle. I just liked all the lines and chrome. 

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