Friday, February 03, 2012

Cobra Lily

Cobra Lily
Darlingtonia californica
(dar-ling-TOH-nee-a) (kal-ih-FOR-nik-uh)
Synonyms: California Pitcher Plant, Chrysamphora californica

This little beauty was growing at the Botanical Gardens in Orlando. As a quick review I have to say I loved spending a couple of hours amongst the vast plant collection and tranquility of the Harry P. Leu Gardens.

The rose garden and Camellia collection (one of the largest documented in the U.S.) were outstanding. There were a lot of Camellia species I had never seen before. The winding trails offered a trip through several other plant types. It looked to me that Central Florida (USDA Zone 9b) was providing the perfect climate to get lushness without sloppiness. Everything looked well tended too in all the gardens. This place provides such a nice respite from the Disney craziness that seems to exist in an alternate universe.

This was the first time I had seen a Cobra Lily up close. It is such a microcosm in the botanical grandeur that was growing all around it. There were a couple of trough gardens filled with Insectivorous and Carnivorous plants. It all looked to be on a miniature scale and this plant was quite small.

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