Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lavender Globe Lily

Lavender Globe Lily
Allium tanguticum
(AL-ee-um) (tan-GOO-tik-um)
Synonyms: Nodding Onion

This is a great flower for rock gardens. It has shown remarkable tenacity in growing in the pile of rocks known as the Iris bed. It has seeded in well (but not excessively) and built quite a colony. I have been dispersing the seeds when I see them. It is a nice showy color and the geometry of the flowers is pleasant too.

This two pics represent a little field experiment with depth of field. The first photo was shot at f/10 and the second at f/3.3. You can see the difference in sharpness and the background.

Tonight is the big show :lol: We will be appearing at Molten Java's new location in Bethel, Connecticut. 213 Greenwood Avenue from 8pm to about 10. This will be the band's first show and I just hope everything goes okay.

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Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Break a leg! Will thinking of you as we sit and listen to Arlo Guthrie tonight. (Greenwood Ave...we live on Lake Greenwood!!)
I planted a bunch of Allium this fall/winter...can't wait for some great purple blooms.