Friday, February 24, 2012

Catalina Grandiflora Rose

Grandiflora Rose
Rosa ‘Catalina’
Synonym: JACcolap

This rose presented large flowers with a complex color shading scheme. This was taken at a nursery so I have no direct experience growing it but it would be welcome in the garden. There was some scent present but you would probably not grow it for its fragrance.

Here are a few facts about Catalina Rose:

Breeder: Keith W. Zary
Introduction: 2008 by Jackson & Perkins
Parentage : Color Magic × Seedling
Height: Up to 5 feet tall
Flower Size: large, 4.5 inch diameter
Petal Count: 28-40

Since I said I would be posting a picture that isn’t a flower here is a weird house we saw on Catalina Island. Both the Island and house have a funky history. The Holly Hill House in Avalon, California.

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Ruby said...

A very beautiful rose!