Monday, June 11, 2012

Dark Blue Verbena

Dark Blue Superbena
Verbena hybrid
Synonyms: ' Usbenal8'

Sorry to be posting so many annuals but that is pretty much my life right now. Today we will planting the 16 dozen mixed (mostly Salmon Pink) in front of the house in Greenwich. It's a little late but I have never seen a season that the timing was as messed up as this year. Gardening on a large scale is all about having your timing down and this year it just hasn’t happened.

I really love this type of Verbena. It blooms it’s head off all season and can seem to deal with the various crazy weather that happens here during the summer. It can get real dry and still come back when watered. A container of Lantana and Verbena could live out in the desert if it had to.

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Unknown said...

Is that Homestead Verbena? Not one single thing (weatherwise) is normal this year around here.