Friday, January 11, 2013

Cactus Dahlia

Cactus Dahlia
Dahlia 'Camano Messenger'

Quick post of a nice Cactus flowered Dahlia from this summer. ‘Messenger’ is part of the wonderful Camano series of Dahlias. This flower is fitting since I have been putting together a bunch of Dahlia orders for next spring. This one isn’t available but we want some Cactus types in the garden.

We have almost finished cleaning up everything from the storm but there is still some work to do. It has been the biggest, most complicated game of pickup sticks I have ever played. Getting a lot of the wood/trunks out of here required using some heavy equipment and a couple of cranes. It seemed the damage was straight up and down as in either a tree got totally destroyed or had no damage. I will never be able to figure out nature’s plan as far as those things go.

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