Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dewberry Candy Daylily

Hemerocallis 'Dewberry Candy'

This daylily is from my garden. Now that I am going to be moving I am not sure what will happen to it. There are some really nice cultivars in the group, which was collected over 15 years. Oh well time to get some new stuff. This photo was shot on a super hot day with the 105mm Nikon macro lens. The lens (actually the 105mm/ 2.8 micro-nikkor) has a brilliant ability to kind of equalize the light even in harsh conditions.

Daylilies are amazing plants and probably one of the most hybridized. There are over 60,000 registered daylilies. They are extremely hardy and generally not a chore in the garden.

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Sami Pat said...

Hello! I saw your post on a piece about finding followers so I came over to follow! Wonderful photos.
I'm glad I stopped by.