Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cherry Parfait Grandiflora Rose


Grandiflora Rose
Rosa 'Cherry Parfait'
Registration name: MEIsponge
US Introduction: Conard-Pyle (Star Roses) in 2003
Synonyms: Fire & Ice (Australia), Jubilé du Prince de Monaco (Europe)

This is a super deep archive shot from 2007. I can’t say enough about how beautiful this rose can be. Right now I am torn between ordering ‘Double Delight’ or 'Cherry Parfait' for cutting roses. Since 'Cherry Parfait' is a grandiflora it probably wins the day. I am trying to order the roses now for spring delivery.

The shading on these rose flowers is variable but always looks nice. It is also a strong grower with good foliage.

Bonus shot from the same day.

Spotted Canna Lily
Canna x generalis
(KAN-uh) (jen-er-RAY-liss)

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catsynth said...

Beautiful. You should check out my post today - it looks a lot like that first flower even though it's architectural!