Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Garden Mum ‘Sandy’

Garden Mum ‘Sandy’

Don’t go looking for this mum at your local garden center. I took this picture last year and when I searched for ‘Sandy’ it was on the discard list from Yoder Brothers. I going to assume that means it is no longer available. Too bad, as I enjoyed growing it last year. The color is considered bronze and to me it is a real fall color. It has been replaced with ‘Dazzling Stacy’. The discard list is pretty long and kind of confirms my thought that it is difficult to get the same varieties the next year.

I reached into the archive because I didn’t shoot any pictures last weekend and I have been working on a house that doesn’t have much of a garden, so I haven’t been taking my camera to work. I going to have to score a couple of shots somewhere this weekend. I need to get a couple of extras since winter is coming up. I am bit like a squirrel, gathering my pictures for winter.

This picture is from 2005 and was taken at the New York Botanical Garden. I used my 5MP Nikon Coolpix 5300. They have their own strains of Chrysanthemums at the NYBG and they are some very nice colors. This one is named ‘Sienna’.


Sandy Carlson said...

Not because it shares my name, but that Sandy mum really really pleases me. Too bad it's history!

Vanillalotus said...

Stacy is a very nice fall color. Mums always remind me of fall and I think they have the best fall colors out of any flower. Sienna is a gorgeous color too. Is dazzling stacy the same color but different name?

mitzh said...

The first photo was absolutely gorgeous.