Thursday, November 15, 2007


Common name: Frangipani

I found these couple of pictures on a flash card that had become wedged between the wall and my desk. My housekeeping did have a purpose! It had been there for quite a long time as these were shot in August. When the drug store was getting rid of their stock of Compact Flash cards they were selling the 512MB SanDisk cards for $12.99 I bought 4 of them. It is nice to have a lot of memory cards but it can get confusing. Now that I have them all in front of me I am going to number them.

The first picture is the beautiful and fragrant Plumeria. Rather then type a lot of information about it I will direct to the Wikipedia page:

This second shot is from the water garden at the NYBG and is shot with a 60mm lens.


Vanillalotus said...

Beautiful pictures. I really like the high contrast in these. I don't think I have ever seen a plumeria in real life. I would like to have one but have yet to see any in the garden centers. I love water gardens so beautiful.

patty and the beanstalk said...

i am absolutely fascinated by flowers-your pictures are beautiful :)

KMF said...

i love this shot

Oswegan said...

Nice shots, the white ones almost look plastic.


Connie said...

Hi, Just stumbled onto your blog...your photos are fabulous!

lee said...

Hi, Frangipani is almost looks like white paper.
How beautiful flower!

Lynette said...

I've enjoyed browsing throught your recent posts. Your photographs and text are beautiful, interesting and informative. Thanks for stopping by for a chuckle.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Vanilla, Plumeria is a great plant. I got to visit a big nursery/farm that just grew them in Hawaii and it was amazing. Thanks for stopping by again.

I think I had some new visitors and commenters yesterday. patty and the beanstalk, lee and connie. Hello and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

kmf, thanks. glad you liked it.

oswegan, hi there. I agree with you comment. In some ways it is one of the most 'realistic' shot I have posted.

lynette, I love your blog/pictures, so thank you.

Ki said...

Memory is getting so cheap now. I've seen SanDisk SD 2G cards for less than $20 and that's for the faster Ultra II cards. Luckily all my cameras use the cheaper SD cards.

The water lily shot is very nice. I love the low angle light and deep shadows. I was taking photos of water lily leaves once that had colorful mottling of reds and yellows but the sun was too high overhead and I got a lot of reflection of the blue sky. Funny how your eye compensates for something like that and you don't see the reflected sky in real life. But you sure see it in the photos.

The plumeria looks like a Singapore variety which I have too but the stem of the one you photographed is has a nice reddish brown color and mine remains green. The flowers are a bit different too. Mine recurves and the petals are fuller but the yellow is not as deep. I think mine is more typical but I bet the one you photograph has more fragrance.

AVCR8TEUR said...

The plumeria and water shots are wonderful. Remember when 512MB cards cost an arm & leg and now they're practically giving them away.

sandyshares said...

I have many plumerias in my yard

Oswegan said...

Yeah, I dig it.