Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yellow Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage on Japanese Stewartia (S. pseudocamellia)

Yellow Fall Foliage

On Friday I took my camera to work to try and record a few last foliage shots. The weather sure wasn’t cooperating as it was really windy, some of the gusts, I am guessing were 50 mph (80 kmh). On the Estate we have some big trees that I would say are a little shaky in that kind of wind. We only remove a tree when it is really dead as they add so much to the garden and landscape. So on a day like Friday you have to keep an eye out for any trees or large limbs that might come down. Nature has its own way of sort of tidying these things up. Lucky we only had a few sticks that fell, although at the house across the street a 50-foot tree snapped at the base. It wasn’t our turn to have any damage, this time. Anyway the winds didn’t help with the snapping of pictures but I managed to get these couple of pictures in between the huge gusts.

Still a lot of yellow foliage left on the trees.

This will probably be a two-part post as yellow is the predominate foliage color we have left. I will say again it was a very weird foliage season with some highs and lows. I don’t remember having this much foliage left on the trees this late but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. There are some trees that still haven’t turned and on some plants the foliage burnt off from the frost while it was still green. Which gives kind of a nasty grayish-brown appearance.

Fall foliage of PJM Rhododendron 'Balta'

I may have an audition in a couple of weeks. These are the songs that I have to learn, good thing I already know a couple. These are all cover tunes but there will be a chance to do some original music. This sort of some common ground we can get to know each other over.

Angel from Montgomery
Unchain My Heart
The Weight
Bring it on Home
Dead Flowers (how appropriate)
In the Midnight Hour
Wild Horses

So forgive me if I am brief over the next couple of days as I hit a heavy practice schedule.


misti said...

Congratulations on your audtion! :)

I can't wait to see your winter photos when the yellows fade away. Someone on another blog posted some ice on the trees with the sunset rays hitting it and it was gorgeous.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi misti,

I am hoping for a normal winter, but it probably isn't going to happen. The temperatures have been below normal for the last week (low 40's) and it is expected to hit the 60's this week before plunging down to the high 30's for the weekend.

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for this reprise of our yellow. I never saw a rhododendron turn yellow. That's lovely. I noticed Saturday how much yellow had turned that nice tawny brown of deerskin. The steady breezes make it hard to capture these things, though.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

hi sandy, the rhododendron is one of the early blooming types and is semi-deciduous.