Friday, April 25, 2008

Irish Roses

Irish Roses

I am still emotionally and physically drained from the events of the last few days. Working 70 plus hours the last two weeks hasn’t helped. I came home yesterday and just kind of fell into my Ipod. I had it on shuffle and lucky no sad songs played. I have decided to just finish a couple of little loose ends at work and have a few appointments on Saturday and take Sunday completely off. Molly’s doctor has invited us to his farm for a look around and after that I am going to hopefully shoot a few pictures.

Last week I was weeding out my Iphoto library on my Laptop and snagged a few pictures that I had missed. This one is some roses that were outside a roadside pub. I am surprised it came out steady as I had few pints while inside. Ireland was beautiful. The color of the flowers were set off nicely by the green of everything. The roses particularly beautiful. I have posted some other Ireland photos and roses (use the tags if you want to see them) on this blog.

Once again I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. This isn’t the first time that we have lost a dog but Molly was so special it seems a little harder. Thanks for the insights and stories of how you got through the loss of your pets. It as made things a little easier

This is picture I took at Dingle Harbor. It is from the same ‘lost’ roll.


i beati said...

both pictures superb - what camera?

Jane O' said...

I wish I was able to smell those roses. What a color !

Saikat said...
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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi there, I used my D70s and 60mm Nikkor Macro lens for this, like almost always ;)

jane, I wish I new the variety as I would plant it in the large rose garden I tend to. You are right the color was superb.